When To Open Instant Pot – The Safest Time To Do It

If you don’t know when to open an instant pot and the safest time to do it? This article will guide you with the shielded and easy methods.

An Instant pot is the easiest way to cook your food. Still, a few questions arise when you opt for an instant pot, as there have been many incidents reported regarding pressure cooker exploding and other serious injuries. Therefore it is essential to know everything you are about to use to prevent yourself from harm.

When to open an instant pot? What is the safest time to do it? These are the most frequently asked questions regarding using an instant pot. Hereafter, you don’t have to worry about it anymore because I will share the safest methods with the help of which you can open your instant pot at the safest time. A valve on the top of the instant pot indicates that the pressure is released by dropping down.

Other instant pot models might have different features and names for the valve, but always remember to read the instruction manual before you use these instant pots, especially when you are a newbie. I will share some tips and instructions on when to open an instant pot and how you can safely release pressure, which is a safer and effective method. So keep yourself and your loved ones safe!

When To Open Instant Pot?

There are three ways to release pressure from an instant pot before opening it at the safest time. The first is called quick release, then is natural and intermittent release. Remember to release pressure according to the food you cook because some require quick pressure release while some are good to go with natural release and intermittent.

Quick Pressure Release

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A quick pressure release is when you let the steam out as soon as the cooking time is completed. At first, you have to remember that the instant pot should be on sealing (triple S icon). As the time is completed, you should release the handle to venting (steam icon), removing the steam quickly from the pressure release valve.

Now you are thinking about knowing when the steam is ultimately released? All you have to do is look at the float valve on top of the instant pot. This valve drops down the moment pressure is released, and then you can open your instant pot without any issue. This valve is for safety reasons, so always watch out for the valve to drop down before opening.

Henceforth, this method is applied when you don’t want to burn or overcook your food. The food on which quick pressure release can be used includes high-fat food as well as thick food, for example, rice, potato, red meat, oily fish, and many more. Additionally, to avoid overcooking vegetables, you can also use quick pressure. It takes about 2 minutes or less in quick pressure release.

Therefore, always be careful while handling the instant pot.

Natural Pressure Release

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When the cooking time ends on your instant pot, keep your instant pot in a sealed position without venting steam. This releases the pressure naturally; all you have to do is wait for the valve to drop. When the pressure is removed and the valve drops, you can safely open the instant pot without hesitation.

In this process, the pressure won’t release while making noises similar to quick release. You will only notice a slight tick of the valve when it drops; other than that, you won’t hear any gush of steam. Natural release requires 20 to 30 mins maximum to depressurize your instant pot. Therefore, you need a lot of patience before you take your food off.

Natural pressure release is used to make large pieces of meat or beef ribs to make it more succulent and for huge soup containers. Remember that the food is still cooking while the pressure is releasing; therefore, if you leave your instant pot on natural pressure release, you must adjust the timing accordingly. This way, your food won’t burn and spoil.

Intermittent Pressure Release

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This is also one of the ways you can release pressure before opening the instant pot. In this method, all you have to do is use the combination of quick release as well as natural release. You might find it confusing but let me clear it up for you. It’s simple; all you have to do is perform a little quick release pressure one after the other after every 2 minutes by moving the valve into the venting position.

This way, the pressure is released slowly, and eventually, the valve will drop. Therefore, you can open your instant pot and enjoy your delicious food. These are the methods you can use before opening your instant pot. Remember to handle your instant pot safely because they are dangerous if you mishandle them. Follow the instructions and stay safe when it comes to cooking on heat.

Safety tips

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• Don’t open the pressure cooker until pressure is inside
• Keep your face away from steam
• Don’t press the float valve
• Always wait for the timer
• Be careful with the lid
• Fill your cooker the right way
• Double-check before turning it on
• Depressurize before opening

Final Thoughts

In this article, I have shared a simple guide on when to open an instant pot. Let me conclude it in easy words. You can open an instant pot when the valve goes down after depressurizing it by the methods that are mentioned above. These are the safest ways with the help of which you can open an instant pot. Always take these safety measures.

I hope you find this article useful henceforth; all your questions are answered accordingly. Again, I will remind you that the best and safest time to open your instant pot is when the pressure is fully released. Never forget this because a little mistake of yours may cause a lot of trouble. Have a safe cooking day!