How To Make A Propana Jet Burner

There are tons of sample jet burners on the internet. However, the thing that lacks in most of them is a design for a single propane burner that is not only small but also powerful enough to provide an estimated ninety thousand BTUs. Well, you are in luck today as we are about to go … Read more

How To Thicken Frosting in 5 Simple Ways

Are you into baking and making frosting for your cakes? I have simple ideas on how to thicken frosting in five simple ways. Let us learn!

I am up for baking cupcakes for my daughter’s birthday. I have made frosting for some birthday cakes before, but this time I want it to be a bit fancier. My little one loves cupcakes with swirling colorful frosting on top. Hence, I need to make a denser frosting to make it easy for me … Read more