Smoke Beef Back Ribs: How to Cook Ribs Like a Pro

Long weekend ahead? Don’t want to spend a lot of money? Well, we have got just the right plan for you: a smoked beef back ribs party.

Ribs are definitely not so meaty yet you can make an unforgettable meal experience out of it. They are meatier between them than on them. what better way to make summer more enjoyable than cooking smoked beef back ribs.

Mouth-watering smoke beef back ribs if cooked well will leave a long lasting smoked beef taste that will leave you craving for more.This guide is universal you can use any type of smoker since the basic concepts are alike. You probably think what if I don’t have a smoker yet? Well, don’t worry, we got you covered, head over to our guide which has the best beginner smokers.

Like my high school home science practical teacher used to say; it’s not the type of cooker or smoker you use it’s the basic principles that matter. My point is, if you want the best procedure for making the beef back ribs; this is the cut for you then. Let’s cut to the chase then, shall we?

Cooking smoked beef back ribs is not as complicated as you may think it is. It’s actually one of easiest meals to make. With readily available ingredient that you can find in any market while most homes have them as basic ingredients. Here is a simple and easy procedure you can use to make your weekend more enjoyable.


  • 1 Rack of beef back ribs (a complete rack should include a minimum of seven bones)
  • 2 Table spoons of course black pepper
  • 2 Table spoons of course kosher salt

The simplicity of the ingredients makes them readily available.


The procedure has 4 main steps, which are:


Trimming involves removing the excess fat or the membrane on the ribs to avoid them lasting fatty.

Use a good trimming sharp knife of your choice. (be careful not to cut yourself)

It’s easier to trim when they are still cold so trim them immediately after removing them from the fridge.

The easy way to do this is by lifting one corner then hold it using a paper towel and pull the membrane off.

You’ll need to cut out deckle that will not melt during cooking.

Think about the source of heat and leave those parts being hit directly by that heat with a little fat to avoid burning.

Cut away the parts of the ribs with very thin meat since they might get burned because of cooking easily than the rest of the ribs.

Cut the slabs into twos or individual slabs. I would recommend two bone sections.

2. Smearing the rub

This rub, a mixture of kosher salt and pepper should be applied evenly on the ribs. This is to ensure even taste on all parts of the ribs.

It would be easier to apply if you have a rubs shaker. Also allows rub it evenly. You might want to be conservative on the rub. As they all say too much of something is poisonous.

Ensure even rubbing and not too much. Rub evenly on both sides.

Store the left over mix for future use as long as it has not touched the raw meat.

Press it in to adhere well.

Note: If you have the time you can leave it overnight and cook it the following day or you can just leave it for 30 minutes. Any of the two ways works perfectly.

3. Placing the ribs in the smoker

Ensure the fatty side that we talked about earlier, faces where the heat is coming from depending on your smoker.

Place the thick side of your ribs close to the fire. The extra fat will protect it.

Allow them to cook for 3 hours at a temperature of about 275 F.

4. What to do when cooking

Keep a close watch to keep the heat stable.

Make sure the heat coming out is not too dark of smoke.

You can know they are ready by passing a skewer through the piece of ribs. If it goes in without any struggle it’s ready.

When ready remove it from the smoker and wrap it up in a butchers paper.

Allow it to rest for 30 minutes before eating.

Basic Points of Smoking Beef.

  • ways buy the best. Target to get the value of your money at all times. There is a big difference in the quality of ribs.
  • Always go for the meatiest slabs you can get. The meatier the better
  • Never forget to prep the ribs. It’s vital to remove the membrane and the fats all together. If left, it’s not that appetizing.
  • You can add vinegar, coca cola, lemon or any acidic fluid. They always add that edgy tingly taste. However, when added to the mixture allow for about an hour or less for maximum absorption.
  • If you use a dry mixture, you can brush a layer of water to help stick the mixture and also aid their absorption.
  • Sometimes smoking them for longer is better. All this depends on the texture of the meat before you cooked them.
  • It doesn’t necessarily take three hours it can take up to eight hours. Plan your time well to avoid rushing the meat to cook faster by using high cooking temperatures.
  • To shorten the cooking time, you can wrap it in aluminum foil after three hours of cooking and out for a while. Cook for more time and check for the doneness. If it has not cooked well put it back and cook for more time.

Serve with anything as you prefer. I would suggest you have a cold drink nearby. Beef back ribs if cut properly and cooked well you will be able to get more than enough meat for meal. They make an excellent meal for a cook out with friends and your family. Eating meat off a bone comes with its own pride feeling that’s hard to explain. There is just something about it, maybe it’s how you sink your teeth in it and tear away the flesh. Whatever it is; what better way to experience that it than with smoked beef back ribs? Enjoy.

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