Power Air Fryer XL Won’t Turn On: Reasons And Troubleshooting Tips

Advanced electronic kitchen appliances have made life easier but, it is true that problems with these appliances are invertible. When you are using an appliance for a long time, you run into problems, and knowing the troubleshooting tips is critical. Air fryers are advanced convection ovens allowing you to cook and brown the foods in hot air.

Power air fryer XL is one of the most trusted kitchen appliances you can buy today. It is reviewed positively on all online selling platforms for its performance and stability. Despite offering reliable performance, it also runs you into problems sometimes. This guide will cover “Power Air Fryer XL won’t Turn On: Reasons And Troubleshooting Tips.”

Power Air Fryer XL won’t Turn On: Reasons And Troubleshooting Tips

The Power air fryer XL won’t turn on due to many underlying issues. It could be a minor or major issue. A little troubleshooting can help you fix these problems at the ease of your home. So here is all you need to know about “Power Air Fryer won’t Turn On: Reasons And Troubleshooting Tips.”

1. Unplug And Plug It Again

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It seems a bit childish, but it is one of the best troubleshooting tips you can try with electrical equipment. The air fryer sometimes stops working due to the overheating of internal components. To fix the issue, unplug the air fryer and wait for 10 to 15 minutes. Replug the equipment to see if it works or not.

2. Power Cable

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Power Air Fryer XL is a reliable product, and therefore it doesn’t develop serious problems quickly. If the air fryer is not working, you should check the power cable first. Sometimes it happens if the power cable is not connected properly or if it is damaged.

The power cable is connected to the socket at one end and to the air fryer at the other end. Check both ends carefully, and if it is not appropriately connected, fix the issue and try to turn on the air fryer. Also, you should check for any damaged part in the cable.

The cable is usually damaged internally due to frequent bending, and you may not be able to spot the damaged part yourself. It is advised to swap the power cable with a new power cable. Try the power cable of any other electronic appliance in your home. If you find that cable is faulty, buy a high-quality power cable from a nearby hardware store.

3. Check For Faulty Sockets And Fuse

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Before you take your air fryer to a repair workshop, it is critical to ensure that everything at your home is working correctly. The electronic appliances do not turn on if the fuse is blown. A fuse is a thin wire inside the plug. Some plugs have screws, while others are attached without screws. Remove the fuse cover and locate a thin wire inside the plug.

If you see a gap between the wire, it means the fuse is faulty, and you need a replacement. The second thing you should check is the socket. You can check the socket in many ways. Plugin another appliance, and if it also doesn’t turn on, it means the socket is not working. You can also use an electric tester to see if the socket is working properly or not.

4. Check The Basket

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Power Air Freye XL has many built-in safety features. One of them is that if the door is not shut off correctly, it will not turn on. If the basket is displaced, the door will not close, and the air fryer will not turn on. Take out the basket, place it correctly, and close the rachet. If the door is closed properly, it means the basket is placed correctly. Again try to power on the air fryer.

5. Contact Customer Sevice

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If the cable, fuse, and sockets are working properly, then the air fryer is damaged internally. If the product’s warranty period is not over, it is advised to contact Customer service for free of cost repairing or replacement. You can contact the manufacturer through their website or through the store form where you have bought the item. If you contact through a website, make sure you open the website version of your own country.

Do not open the air fryers housing yourself. In this way, you will void the warranty and lose the services provided by the manufacturer in the warranty period. If the warranty period is over, take the air fryer to a reliable service center. The air fryer has sensitive internal parts and can be damaged if you try to fix it yourself. It is advised to take it to a trained electrician so that he can spot and fix the damaged parts.


Why does my power XL Air Fryer keep turning off?

It happens when you are dealing with a damaged cable or faulty fuse. Also, it happens when the internal components of the air fryer heat up. Moreover, the air fryer will not turn on if one of its internal parts is damaged.

How do I fix my air fryer that won’t turn on?

Checks the cable and fuse of your air fryer. If the cable is damaged or the fuse is blown, you need to replace the damaged parts. If the air fryer is damaged internally, it is advised to seek the professional’s help.

How do you troubleshoot a power XL air fryer?

First of all, look if the power cable and fuse are working properly. If any of these parts are damaged, replace it with a new one. Then look for the basket and place it correctly. Close the hatchet properly. If these troubleshooting tips don’t work, the air fryer is damaged internally. Take it to a nearby service center to get it fixed.

Final Remarks

I’m hoping that this guide under the title “Power Air Fryer XL won’t Turn On: Reasons And Troubleshooting Tips” will help you detect and fix the minor problems you face while using the air fryer. Remember Power Air Fryer XL is a reliable kitchen appliance that uses premium quality internal components.

Its internal components are highly resistant to extreme temperature and voltage conditions. Therefore it is advised to look for the external factors before you unscrew its housing to detect any external damage.