Nespresso Milk Frother Not Working – Probably Causes and Troubleshooting

Had a tiring day at the office and want a great cup of coffee? But wait! Nespresso milk frother not working? This is really frustrating, isn’t it? Your chance of having a smooth velvety coffee is missed, but don’t worry, here we are to tell you whether it’s your coffee machine’s problem or is this your own weak technical expertise applied to the machine’s settings.

There are some common and minor problems regarding Nespresso milk frother which can be solved if you pay attention properly. We are here to help you with the problems you might be facing. The solution to them is given below. Just keep on reading and get easy solutions through this article. Be ready to get a hot cup of coffee soon.

Probably Causes and Troubleshooting:


Some of the basic and minor issues that may appear to your Nespresso milk frother are as follows: Burnt-out heating element, whisk not spinning, types of milk, the outlet is tripped and electrical components damaged. Once the problem is identified, the solution is quite simple. Let’s go through the article quickly.

Burnt-out Heating Element

So there is a chance that your milk frother may not heat the milk. This is a very basic problem and usually appears. To identify this problem, check out the copper elements on the heating pad.


Take a screwdriver to apart a Nespresso machine from a heating pad. You may assume a few copper wires are connected there. If some of the copper points are oxidized then yes that is the culprit here. Make sure that the connection to the switchboard is removed. Take a Kapton tape and apply it properly on the oxidized part of the heating pad. Now fill the dropper with hydrofluoric acid and put a few drops of acid over the oxidized part.

Be careful while using this acid as it can be harmful. Make sure that the acid doesn’t overflow, if it does then soak it up with cotton. Wait a few minutes after applying acid, you may see the color changing. When its color has changed, remove the Kapton tape from it and clear the acid with a cloth. Now apply epoxy carefully to the affected area. Reassemble the Nespresso machine and here you go. Now make a hot cup of coffee again.

Whisk not Spinning


Sometimes your whisk may not work properly because of a very simple reason which you can eradicate easily. Maybe you have not connected the whisk properly to the machine or maybe, another very common reason, there might be some residues left after making the last coffee.


Ensure that your machine is properly attached to the heating pad, if this is not the problem then take out the whisk gently from the machine. Take a piece of cloth that is slightly wet and apply it to clean the part where the whisk is attached. Wash the whisks properly and dry them with a cloth. Attach them back properly to the machine. Try out if the machine is working or not.

Type of Milk

Apart from these minor problems, there is a mistake we do not notice is about the milk we use. The milk used for making coffee should be semi or whole skimmed milk. The worst type of milk for Nespresso are Almond milk, Cows milk, Coconut milk, Soy milk, and Nut milk. Be careful about the milk you are using.


It should be used at a refrigerated temperature. Make sure its temperature is around four to six degrees Celsius. Moreover, filling up the milk in a jug should be according to the suggested line of the Nespresso milk frother. If you fill up extra milk in the jug the machine won’t work properly.

The Outlet is Tripped


Most of the time what happens is that there is no problem with the machine but with the outlet. Many times the problem is not with the cable of the machine but with the socket. Maybe many other devices are connected with the same socket through which the electricity may not be flowing thoroughly and the machine experience a power surge.


This problem can be quickly solved, just connect your machine to some other socket of any other room. This might work for you. Otherwise, you can restart the circuit breaker, switch off other appliances in the room and check if Nespresso has started working or not.

Electrical Components Damaged

Most of the people wash their Nespresso which makes their electric machine stop working. This electric machine can not be washed but it can be just cleaned with a slightly wet cloth. It comes in four basic parts. These are the lid, the magnetic whisk, the frother itself, the power station. Washing these can ruin the mechanics of Nespresso milk frother.


If your Nespresso is damaged by the liquid then there are chances that it won’t repair but you can still ask any expertise. But if it doesn’t work then don’t worry, these Nespresso products are readily available on Amazon at a reasonable price.



How do you clean a Nespresso milk frother?

If your machine is not correctly positioned it may not froth. In some other cases when the steam pipe provides less pressure, the mechanics of the machine fail to froth. Sometimes your milk is not enough creamy to create a froth.

Why does my Nespresso milk frother blink?

If the red light on the Nespresso is blinking continually it means that the machine is heating too quickly. To bring it back to normal, clean the Nespresso with cold water. Otherwise, you can call experts for help.

How do you fix a Nespresso milk frother?

If you keep cleaning your milk frother on alternate days or after every use then you may not need to fix it for months. But if you find a need to fix it then first ensure the problem whether it’s inside the machine and requires some technical work or is it something simple which you can fix. You may call expertise for technical work.


Now you know the most common problems and their solutions. When you see the red button blinking be sure that there is something wrong. If you keep good maintenance of your Nespresso milk frother by cleaning it on alternative days, it can last for years. Just be careful you don’t clean it with extra moist cloth. Plus don’t forget to use milk which works efficiently with the machine. Have a delicious coffee!