The Moen One Handle Kitchen Faucet is What Your Kitchen Needs!

Moen is one of the noted brands providing the best kitchen faucets in the market. Coming from this brand is the Moen One Handle Kitchen Faucet (7594SRS), which is equipped with a reflex system for smooth operation. As one of the latest introductions to this range of modern kitchen faucets that are rocking the market, this high faucet is just perfect for both using it as well as keeping the sink clean.

With deck mounted installation method and flow of water at 1.5 gallons per minute, this has a lifetime limited warranty backed by the Moen group.

About Moen One Handle Kitchen Faucet

Moen One Handle Kitchen Faucet

This is a metallic product with spot resists stainless finish that makes it suitable for quick installation.  Also, it has a comprehensive system that makes the movement of the spray easier as well as secures the docking of the spray head.  This pull-down feature to a great extent enhances the usability and functionality of this product.

Features of Moen One Handle Kitchen Faucet

The primary features of this faucet are –

  1. Pull down reflex system

It is notable that the hose length is 68 inches which make working with this faucet easier. Tested by the experts of Moen, once the pressure is released, this hose gets back to its previous position and is docked safely. The spray settings during this process can be easily customized as per your choice and can be extended.

  1. Easy installation procedure

This kitchen faucet can be easily installed with the availability of 1 or 3 holes. Also, the Duralock connection system eases this installation process and the spray head can be pulled down at will. Also, this Duralock system helps insecure connection of the water lines.

  1. Other notable aspects

There is a specific 3 function pull-down format available with – aerated stream suitable for cleaning, the pause function helps in reducing water flow via spray head and the rinse facility provides a complete cleaning. The water spots are completely removed with this spot resist finish option.the moen one handle kitchen faucet

Positives Moen One Handle Kitchen Faucet

  1. It has a spot resist stainless steel finish which helps clean the fingerprint marks
  2. The Duralock quick connect system makes it easier for installation
  3. It is specifically designed to be installed through 1 or 3 holes
  4. Complies with the ADA specifications
  5. The stream is aerated that makes everyday cleaning easy with greater spray power

Negative aspects

Amidst the multiple positive formats, the only not so good point is the price which is within $200-$220. But then, good things do come at a high price!

If one  handed faucet does not suit you you can also try two handle kitchen faucet for your kitchen, we highly suggest you check out Peerless Two Handle Kitchen Faucet which can be what you are looking for and can prove to be essential.

Market feedback for Moen One Handle Kitchen Faucet:

As per the latest reports during the filling in of this article, the market has received this Moen One Handle Kitchen Faucet very well. The curve of the spout and the flare of the handle add to the specialty of this faucet – which is highly demanded by the market currently.

According to a customer, “Apart from the reflex feature, the single hole mount format is just what you need for the cleanliness of the kitchen countertop!”


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