How to Dice a Sweet Potato into Even Cuts!

Anybody can grab a knife and pull a few cuts to get anything sliced. But perfectly? Into accurate, similar sizes? Well, I’m sure most of us will be shaking our head to answer no.

When the need to process food a bit professionally comes, you can’t just simply take dice term as a joke. It means small, even-sized cubes creation.

Sweet potato is a common veggie that usually is diced before cooking. Because they need to be boiled evenly to make them delicious. And so, it’s important that you know how to dice using the right technique and make something eye-pleasing.

Dicing A Sweet Potato into Even Cubes

A potato slicer is just the right thing to make that happen. But many of us would want to try with a knife. I’ll talk about that here, LET’S GO!

Start with Cleaning

  • After buying some sweet potatoes from supermarket, you must have noticed how grimy it looks probably because of the production method. So before cutting them, you need to wash these.
  • Use cold water to wash them thoroughly. You would need to scrub gently with your hand and get rid of anything unnecessary from its surface. You can try using a scrubber also if needed.

Peel Off

  • You may want to take off the peel. Possibly because there are so many dishes that need cleanly peeled and diced sweet potato cubes.
  • You can use a peeling knife that takes no time to get rid of the peel.
  • Another way is to sink the sweet potatoes in one pan full of water. Heat up and make it boil.
  • Then put them in a bowl of ice water and after a while, you can simply peel them off. The skin would come off really easy after boiling.

Cut Them Lengthwise

  • You need to start from a length. Grab the potato with your hand keeping your knife parallel with its length.
  • Now slowly make long slices using the knife with controlled force. Don’t just push the knife into it. If you are dicing boiled ones, apply even less force to cut.
  • Keep its width similar to the cube size you need.

Turn Them into Sticks

  • Now you need to turn the potato and cut it lengthwise once again. This should make previous slices into long sticks.
  • The previously made slices should be horizontal to your new cuts.
  • Make sure you keep width same to the size of your cubes this time as well.
  • Basically, whatever cut you’ll make should be similarly sized. So, you can consider one size for each cuts during the dicing process.

Sticks into Cubes

  • We are almost done. You just need to cut these sticks now. Make slices using your knife, but this time crosswise.
  • This way you’ll be turning the previously stick formed potatoes into nice, even cubes.
  • And finally, you have a perfect diced sweet potato cubes for any amazing dish you’re expecting to make.


Sharpening your knife and skills are both important in culinary institutes. Potatoes are a great learning vegetable here that are perfect to adapt to different cutting skills.

Starting from large, medium to tiny dices, everything is a must-learn in such schools. So, if you are a new cook learning cutting skills, a sweet or normal potato can be a great veggie-tool to try! Good Luck!

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