How to Choose Best Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen faucet adds to the beauty of a kitchen. It is considered a style statement and come in different styles.

How to Choose Best Kitchen Faucet

Factors to Consider While Choosing Best Kitchen Faucet


Different Styles of Kitchen Faucet and How to Choose One

1. Single handle faucet:

It can be guessed from the name itself that single handle faucet is the basic type of kitchen faucet. The handle can be on or beside the faucet. People avail for this when they do not associate ‘fancy’ with themselves and basic requirement is what they hold high. Temperature switching is a concern in these since one handle is responsible for hot and cold water.

2. Double handle faucet:

Double handle is an advanced form of single handle faucet. It comes with 2 handles and once again simplicity is what it embraces. The handles stay beside the faucet. People opt for double handle faucet when temperature switching is a main concern and they prefer their kitchen the traditional way.

3. Hands-free faucet:

You certainly have come across one in a shopping mall or a high profile hotel washroom, haven’t you? One associates a bit of modernism with hands-free faucet. It comes with a sensor and is activated when activated when the hand is taken under the mouth of the faucet. It does away with the overhead of manual operation except in case of switching temperature. It is a notch higher than the double handle faucet!

4. High arc faucet:

High arc faucet comes with a magnificent arc of the faucet mouth. The spout is a good 8 inches above the plane of the sink providing the user adequate room for making food and other activities. High arc faucets are favoured by people who require sink space. Obviously, one associates fanciness with this style of faucet.

5. Low arc faucet:

Kitchen faucet

Consider you have a picturesque garden in front of your kitchen. You would not want anything to obstruct the view, would you? Low arc faucet is the go to choice of kitchen faucet for people who do not want their faucet to come in the way of a wonderful view from the kitchen. Consider it just the opposite of a high-act faucet and the arc is a mere 3 inches above sink. If you are confused about whether to chose a Pull out or Pull down faucet then check our detailed comparison on Pull out and pull down faucet and which is best for your kitchen.

Different Styles of Kitchen Faucet and How to Choose Best Kitchen Faucet

  • Type of material:

Kitchen faucets come in solid brass, die-cast zinc alloy, brass and chrome plated, electroplated chrome on brass and plastic. When a person is budget conscious and wants quality faucet brass and chrome plated is the preferred one.

  • Location of faucet:

One can choose kitchen faucet to be mounted on the wall or on the kitchen table. Both the types are available. The choice depends from user to user.

  • Style and need:

Obviously, requirement of style, busyness in the kitchen and the need for water switching are determinants for choice of kitchen faucet.

Advancement in technology and design has made its mark in kitchen faucets. Avail them based on needs and different Styles of kitchen faucet and how to choose one.