How Long Does It Take A Refrigerator To Get Cold?

Learning the exact science behind various machines itself is fun and knowledgeable. It helps you increase your knowledge about the things present around you and how they are functioning. We are at this moment answering one such case: how long does it take a refrigerator to get cold? In the presence of understandable details, you will know about everything related to this question.

If you ever wondered how this machine works and how much time it takes to complete its cooling mechanism, you have ended at the right place. After completing this article, you will no longer be unaware of this question. So stay with us and increase your knowledge related to the most important and the most common appliance of your home.

How Long Does It Take A Refrigerator To Get Cold?


Somewhere between 2 to 24 hours are needed by the refrigerator to get cold, but it depends on certain factors explained in further detail. The following description will let you know everything that affects the cooling mechanism and tell you about how long it takes a refrigerator to get cold.

Mechanism Of Cooling In Refrigerator

There is a cooling unit in every refrigerator that functions similarly to the heat pump. It gets the heat from one particular region and drops it into another. To make the food present inside the refrigerator cooler, the cooling unit receives the heat from the food itself.

Moreover, you must have observed that when you set up the refrigerator for the first time, it is warmest from the top and coolest from the lower parts. This phenomenon is due to the natural tendency of cold air to travel down and warm air to travel up. Keep in mind this cooling mechanism in refrigerators as this is almost similar in every fridge.

However, no matter how similar the mechanism is, every fridge cooling time is different. This is because certain factors affect the cooling time. Further details from the next section of this article will let you know about those factors and how they vary in the cooling time of different refrigerators.

Factors Affecting Timings Of Refrigerator To Get Cold


Various factors determine the exact time a refrigerator takes to get cold. Following is the list and description of such aspects and their explanation to ensure you are provided with every information related to the cooling time of the refrigerator.

Brand And Model

Because every brand constructs the machinery in its way, it is self-evident that the timings of each refrigerator vary according to its models. Those refrigerators that are manufactured under reliable and trustworthy brands generally take less time as compared to the other ones. From personal experience, I recommend you buy the fridge from a good brand that has the most positive reviews. This will make your refrigerator work efficiently in both time consumption and energy consumption.

Size And Weight

The relationship of time taken by the refrigerator to get cold is directly proportional to the size and weight of the fridge. If you have a bigger size and more extensive refrigerator, it will generally take up to 24 hours to get cold. Whereas if the fridge is mini, it will only take around 8 to 12 hours to get cold. Bigger size and heavyweight refrigerators take more time, and small room size refrigerators with lightweight construction take less time to get cold.

Room Temperature And Placement


If your room temperature is lower, the refrigerator will take less time to get cold. Alternatively, if your room temperature is high, the fridge will take more time. Moreover, if the placement of the refrigerator is in the hottest part of your home, such as a garage, then make sure there is some cooling agent around your refrigerator, or you have some fans surrounding it.

This is a tip for you to make your refrigerator durable and long-lasting. Otherwise, there are chances that the refrigerator damages its machinery resulting in the malfunctioning of the mechanism because of the over functioning. Further, never put your refrigerator in front of direct sunlight.

Condition Of The Fridge

This is simple if your fridge is new, it will take less time to cool; otherwise, if the condition of the refrigerator is poor and cheap, it will take more time than general measures. To keep your refrigerator ideally functioning and consistent in performance, make sure to manage it and take care of it properly.

Opening Of The Fridge Door

You must have observed that children are generally scolded by their parents because of opening the refrigerator door unnecessarily. This is because the frequent and continuous opening of the fridge door makes it work gradually. This decreases the cooling ability of the machine, and your refrigerator will take more time to get cold.

How Full Is Your Fridge?

This is also another direct relation, that is, if your refrigerators are full, they will take more time, and if they are not full and empty on most shelves, it will take significantly less time to get cold. So in case you are dealing with the problem of delay in cooling, you can assist the cooling mechanism by emptying your fridge and making it less occupied.



How long should a new fridge run before loading it with the food?

Minimum 2 and maximum of 24 hours are enough for a fridge to run before loading it with the food. Although it is an average calculation, it depends mainly on the brand, model, size, and weight of the fridge. So we can say based on these factors that your fridge should be plugged in and run somewhere between 2 hours to 24 hours before you fill it with the food. To know the exact hours of running, consider the manual and consult the manufacturer of the refrigerator.

How long does it take for a fridge to get cold after a power outage?

This is where you have to make sure that you are not opening the fridge door unnecessarily when the power goes out. If you are not opening the fridge repeatedly, the refrigerator will be cold enough to protect your food for around 4 to 6 hours. Alternatively, when it comes to the freezer, the period is exaggerated to 48 hours.

How to speed up the cooling process of the fridge?

There are some simple rules and regulations to help you speed up the cooling process of the fridge. This includes the prevention of the opening of the refrigerator unnecessarily and repeatedly. Further, make sure your refrigerator is slightly away from the wall and is not in direct sunlight. You can maintain the room temperature to a lower degree to enhance the cooling process. Additionally, maintain the fridge’s coils to keep them clean and ensure the food you’re putting inside the refrigerator is not very warm.



Since refrigerators are considered the most vital machinery in our homes nowadays, learning about their basics, mechanism, management, and functions are informative and essential. The article mentioned above will let you know about the mechanism of the refrigerator, the time the fridge takes to cool down, and the features that affect the cooling process of the refrigerator. Around 2 to 24 hours is the average time that your refrigerator will take for complete cooling. It differs depending on the size, weight, brand, model, condition, and how often you open the door.