How Long Does Cooked Tofu Last? The Right Storage for Tofu

Nobody wants to waste food. As much as possible, I need to know how to store and save them from spoilage. How long does cooked tofu last? I have plenty of leftovers from last night’s party.

I know that there are different ways on how to store certain food and the right place to store them. However, I am not yet familiar with tofu. Hence, with a little bit of research and tips from the experts, I got the answers.

How long does cooked tofu last?

All food expires. Though the length of time before they go bad differs, eventually, they will spoil. There are different factors to consider which determine how long does cooked tofu last. To find out, we must learn the importance of them

Tofu is solid white blocks of condensed soya milk. Just to give an idea, unopened raw tofu lasts for about 4 days after its selling date and an average of 2-3 days when opened. So, how about the cooked tofu? How long does it last?

Cooked food last longer than raw ones. Hence, I recommend to cook your tofu slightly (brown it), drain the liquids out of it, and store in an appropriate container. It will extend the shelf life into another 4-5 days. Although others testify that it last longer up to a week, I rather stick to my 4-5 days to be at the safe side. I don’t like to gamble when it comes to health.

Stir fried tofu

How to store cooked tofu the right way?

How long cooked tofu last really depends on how you store it. Taking note of a tofu’s shelf life is essential. I often store leftover tofu especially when I cook recipes that only need a small amount for an ingredient. When this happens, I find ways to keep them and save for later.

Storing tofu depends on how long you want to keep them. You can choose to store either in a fridge or in the freezer.

  • Storing cooked tofu in the fridge

If you plan to use or eat your cooked tofu in a few days, the best storage place is in the fridge. Cooked tofu will last for 4-5 days in the fridge.

  • Just make sure to place it in a covered container and separate the sauce if there is. If you store cooked tofu with its sauce in it, it will no longer be crispy after.

Although refrigerated cooked tofu lasts longer than not, it is not an assurance that it will look the same way after heating. What do I do to give it a fresh look and taste? I fry or toast them.

Fried tofu can go well with almost any stir-fry recipes. Add it up to another recipe, or simply heat it up. It never fails!

  • Storing cooked tofu in the freezer

Certain tofu recipes that can be stored in a freezer like soup. However, freezing makes tofu’s color and texture change. Ice crystals form in tofu when frozen. The taste will also be a little bit different.

If you have not tried it yet, I recommend experimenting by freezing a small batch of tofu first, then finding out how it taste like. If it’s good enough for you, go ahead with the method. However, many like their frozen tofu. I’m sure you’ll like it as well.

Storing cooked tofu

Just remember that when storing, you need to:

  • Use a container with a cover to prevent air from entering.
  • Store them separately in small batches. At least, it’s easy when you only need to eat a small portion of it. Opening the container will allow air to enter. Air will hasten the spoilage of the food.
  • You can only store it once. Refrigerated food deteriorates faster when exposed to air and heat. I recommend consuming all of it after storing.
  • Google PlayThoroughly inspect your tofu before eating. If not properly stored, food can spoil quicker than expected.
  • Google PlayLet the dish cool down first before placing it in a container. Refrigerate it right away.

tofu and vegetables

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Here is a video about how long will tofu last in the fridge:

How to know if tofu is bad?

Safety is the reason why we need to stick to the 4-5 days storing period. Therefore, issues like grace period after expiry dates are not tolerable for me. As best as I could, I try to inspect the food before I throw it away. At least, it lessens the amount of waste. However, on the other hand, paying attention to expiry dates is a good way.

So, how do I know if tofu is bad?

  • Trust your sense of smellTofu or not, the first judge, if the food is already bad, is its smell. I know that for some, tofu has that weird bad smell. However, the distinctive odor of a foul smell (strong sour smell) of rotting food is familiar. Can you tell?
  • VisualsRotting tofu can look curdled, flimsy and watery. Worse is, when you can see molds growing on them. Definitely, it is already spoiled tofu.
  • TasteI really hope that you will trust your nose and your eyes when it comes to this. Tasting it is the last resort for me. Do you know what rotten tofu taste like? Well, absolutely it will be sour, bitter and weird!

What is the best recipe that last longer when refrigerated?

Tofu soups, pasta, and other recipes can be stored in the fridge. However, do you know the best recipe that lasts longer when stored? Fried tofu, of course!

In fact, frying is an excellent way to advance prep the tofu for a good recipe. It would last for days in the fridge, mixes well with any recipe and no draining needed. Do you know that there is fried tofu in the supermarkets? Although I prefer to make one myself, it’s just an example that the frying method goes will with storing tofu.

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As you continue to prepare food for your family, mastering food storage will come in naturally. I have been doing it for 20 years, but I admit there’s a lot more to learn. Now that you know how long cooked tofu lasts, I’m sure you will also have an idea on other food closely related to tofu.

Just remember that following the right way of storing tofu is essential to make it last longer. Do you have any suggestions on how to make it last longer? If you do, drop a comment and let’s talk about it!