5 Essential Kitchen Gadgets For Inexperienced Cooks

Cooking is one of life’s most pleasurable joys. Who doesn’t like being able to whip up a sumptuous meal on a whim, or cook up a feast for loved ones, friends and family? If you’re just at the beginning of your cooking journey, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the plethora of recipes and resources that exist on the web in 2022. Well, fret not. Today, we’re here to give inexperienced cooks the 411 on 5 essential kitchen gadgets that you need to begin your culinary adventure. Read on to find out more!

1. A Trusty Stand Mixer

I know what you’re thinking…a stand mixer for someone who is just starting out? Well, hear us out for a minute. Most people think that stand mixers are used solely for the purpose of baking cakes and desserts, but what if we were to tell you that a stand mixer can do so much more than that? Take the KitchenAid for example.

This world-renowned stand mixer does more than just mix – it comes with a variety of attachments that allow you to knead the dough, roll out pasta, make ice cream, grind meat and so much more. A quality stand mixer is one of the best investments you will make for your kitchen, and something that will last you for decades, so hope online and get one right now – that is an order!

2. Quality Sheet Pans

A quality sheet pan is one of the most versatile tools a cook can have in his or her kitchen. Sheet pans are ideal for roasting vegetables, cooking pizzas, baking cookies and making sheet pan meals. A sturdy sheet pan made of high-quality materials (avoid buying cheap ones as they tend to discolour and warp in shape after a few uses), is something that will last you for years upon years.

Sheet pans are also fantastic surfaces to freeze veggies and fruit prior to bagging them up in plastic bags. Hello, homemade frozen berries! Talk about a handy and low maintenance kitchen “gadget”!

3. A High-Speed Blender

You could always opt for an immersion blender over a high-speed blender if you’re low on budget, but we highly recommend investing in a quality high-speed blender that will serve more than just the purpose of blending. High-speed blenders are 21st-century tools that not only blend soups and smoothies but can also make ice cream, sorbet, nut butter, homemade flours and a variety of other things that will save you lots of money in the long run.

Why pay $20 for Almond Butter when you can roast up some Almonds and turn them into high-quality homemade Almond Butter for a fraction of the price? You’ll also be able to control what goes into your food if you’re someone who is looking to avoid additives, colouring and other things that just don’t belong in food!

4. Cookware That Doesn’t Suck

Hop into K-Mart, Target or even Ikea and you’ll find some of the cheapest deals for massive sets of cookware that you’ll ever find. However, chances are they suck or are made of poor quality materials that won’t last you longer than a year. The solution? Invest in a quality set of cookware that includes essentials such as a saucepan, frying pan and stockpot. You really don’t need more than that if you’re just starting out, so choose wisely!

Kitchen man prepares lunch or dinner. Close-up of the pot on the stove.

5. All The Accessories in the World

If you’re inexperienced in the kitchen, you may not know the difference between a silicone spatula and wooden spoon. We highly recommend that newbies to the cooking game get their hands on at least some wooden spoons, mixing bowls, a quality chopping board and cooking utensils that will make your life a whole load easier. Ever tried flipping pancakes with a fork? Fun fact: it doesn’t work. The great thing is that most homeware stores carry all these basic items and accessories, and you won’t have to blow your entire salary on them either.

And there you have it — everything you need to go from an amateur cook to a confident home cook who dishes out Gordon and Jamie recipes with one eye closed. Cooking is a learning process, and one that is meant to be enjoyed, so don’t stress yourself out too much if things go awry – it’s all part of the journey!