Different Ways to Use Himalayan Salt Block In Your Kitchen

The health benefits of Himalayan pink salt are known by many people. However, all the uses of this salt in the kitchen are not known by many.

Salt is one of the most integral ingredients which adds flavor to food and is the most commonly used item in the kitchen. If there was no salt, our food would taste totally bland and flavorless.

Almost everyone is familiar with Himalayan salt but how many people actually know about the Himalayan salt block?

Well, let us share what really Himalayan salt block is, what are its benefits and the different ways to use it in the kitchen.

What’s Himalayan salt block?

As the name suggests, the Himalayan salt block is a large block made up of Himalayan salt. Usually, the block comes in different shapes and sizes like the circular plate, rectangular block or a square. Himalayan salt contains up to 98% of sodium chloride. It is also rich in minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium which give the salt its pink tint.

Sodium is a core mineral that is found in Himalayan salt and is the basic requirement of human body. The Himalayan salt blocks serve multiple purposes, like salt block cooking, cleaning stains, BBQ grill etc. and guess what? You will be surprised to know that these salt blocks are really beneficial to your health and provide various benefits in terms of healthy eating. But how?

Benefits of Himalayan salt block

It is a well-established fact that Himalayan salt is very nutritious. It consists of 84 minerals which are really good for your health. Moreover, research shows that the Himalayan salt block contains anti-bacterial properties. It can also be used in multiple other ways in your kitchen such as for baking, cooking, grilling meat and serving food.

Cooking or grilling over Himalayan salt block does not only give your food a good taste but it also provides various health benefits to you. It provides improved blood circulation, keeps pH and sugar in balance as well as keeps other organs healthy.

Because of its versatile nature, Himalayan pink salt has proved to be a demanded entity for houses and industries alike. As people are becoming aware of the new research and market trends, the popularity of pink salt is increasing day by day. Following are the 10 different uses of pink salt blocks in our kitchen.

Himalayan salt block utilization in kitchen

Are you ready to learn some unique and creative ways to use Himalayan salt block? Let’s begin!

1. Cleaning stubborn stove stains

Pink salt is a cleaning agent. It also serves as a catalyst that reacts with other ingredients like vinegar or baking soda to arouse cleaning and decay actions.

Day to day dish washing can be done by mixing salt, baking soda and dish soap. This mixture works miracles for cleaning the dishes. It takes away all the grease and keeps the sink deodorized with its aroma. Pink salt is the cleansing agent for the greasy pots & pans. Just sprinkle the pink salt on the pans, wait for a few minutes and then clean with soft paper towel.

2. A perfect barbeque grill

Himalayan salt block can be served as a perfect barbeque grill for your kitchen. These salt blocks are really beneficial when it comes to indoor grilling. Whenever you are in a mood to grill indoors, there cannot be anything better than Himalayan salt blocks for it.

Now you can easily enjoy perfectly cooked delicious steak by grilling it on Himalayan salt block. How? It is quite simple. The Himalayan salt block just needs some early pampering. Pre-heat the block on a gas or charcoal grill (charcoals should be put on one side beside the block), spread the meat on top and sprinkle your favorite spices. The meat not only gets tender but also gets a mild salty taste when grilled on the Himalayan salt block.

3. Bake yummy delights

Himalayan salt block serves as an efficient oven base too. Yes! Now you can bake delicious delights just by preheating Himalayan brick salt and placing the delights onto it. It can also be put inside the oven. It has been stated by various chefs that Himalayan salt is perfect for baking and can be used as an alternative of the oven.

4. Classy grilling and serving salt plates

Classy grilling and serving salt plates

Many people consider Himalayan pink salt to be used as a cooking surface. The salt is not only available in crystalline form but also as huge blocks which are available in the market.

Himalayan salt blocks can serve as extremely presentable serving trays for your food items at room temperature. It looks really fancy and classy to serve food on Himalayan salt blocks.

5. Cure your food items

Now by using a Himalayan salt block you can cure your foods and extend their shelf life. You just need to refrigerate your Himalayan salt brick for a while then place your meat pieces like salmon or seafood on it and see the magic.

6. Serve as a secondary refrigerator

One of the very valuable uses of Himalayan salt block is that it can be used as a secondary refrigerator. Himalayan salt block has a tendency to stay chilled for hours in the same way as it can keep itself hot. It acts as an ideal dish to keep food items like fruits, cheese, salmon etc. cool for a longer period of time.

7. Better than table salt

According to research white salt is detrimental to health more than white sugar. Doctors recommend the use of pink salt in cooking instead of white because it qualifies for both enhancing taste and providing health benefits. Himalayan salt is surely a better choice for you than normal table salt as it contains various minerals. When you use Himalayan salt block for cooking it enriches the food with healthy vitamins and gives a better taste to food without adding extra salt. Click here to know more about Himalayan pink salt.

8. A perfect stove for crunchy vegetables

Himalayan salt block can be used as a perfect stove for cooking. Chefs have recommended that if you need to cook vegetables and get the perfect crunch in it, Himalayan salt block is the best option. It adds a very delectable salty taste to the vegetables along with making them crunchy.

9. The best ice cream maker

Himalayan salt brick is one of the best and easiest ice cream makers. Yes! You read it right. Now you can easily make ice creams with Himalayan salt block. How cool it is?

10. Natural anti-bacterial cutting board

Salt block also serves as the best, natural and organic cutting board. Its antibacterial properties keep germs and bacteria at bay. You can now cut anything and everything on it, without the concern of contaminating food with germs.

The yet amazing thing about these blocks is that you don’t even need to wash them. Also, NEVER put them in the dishwasher. Their natural antibacterial property makes them self-cleansing. You just need to gently scrub the block with a sponge and wipe it dry with a clean towel.

Their versatile nature and numerous health benefits make the Himalayan salt blocks one the newest demanded entity in the market. You can get yours online or at your local market to reap its benefits.

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