How Long to Boil Hotdogs for Best Results?

Are you worried you might overcook your hotdogs? Boiling is not a complicated method of cooking. Learn how to boil hotdogs for best results. Read on!

Hotdogs are not just a favorite food for the summer when you take advantage of the sunny weather and grill some hotdogs outdoors. Especially when you have children, hotdogs are a year-round foodstuff at home. I know that their health benefits are questionable; but the reality is hotdogs is a hit everywhere, anytime. Boiling your … Read more

How To Thicken Frosting in 5 Simple Ways

Are you into baking and making frosting for your cakes? I have simple ideas on how to thicken frosting in five simple ways. Let us learn!

I am up for baking cupcakes for my daughter’s birthday. I have made frosting for some birthday cakes before, but this time I want it to be a bit fancier. My little one loves cupcakes with swirling colorful frosting on top. Hence, I need to make a denser frosting to make it easy for me … Read more

How Long Can Chicken Sit Out Unrefrigerated?

ou are preparing for a feast. How long can chicken sit out unrefrigerated? Be sure to know so it won’t be left out from the busy day. I’ll help you!

When my time is limited, I tend to forget many things especially when I am multitasking. It often happens when I am cooking. That is why as much as possible, I want all the ingredients ready long before the event. However, I always follow proper storage rules, especially for poultry. Just how long can a … Read more

What Goes with Cornbread and Makes it Tastier?

What Goes with Cornbread and Makes it Tastier?

You may say that baking is a productive hobby at home. For a mom, it can be a lifesaver for her kids. However, for me, it’s my stress-reliever from the pressure of a busy life. What is your favorite recipe to bake? I guess cornbread is already a part of our family menu. It became … Read more

How Long Does Pasta Last in the Fridge?

How long does Pasta Last in the Fridge

How long does pasta last in the fridge? I see that you’ve cooked more than you can eat. Was it a party leftover or you just love pasta so much that you need to store some in case the cravings come? The truth is the length of time that you can keep pasta in the … Read more