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How to Reheat Pork Chops in Three Simple Ways?

If there is a food that can motivate my little one to eat, it should be pork chops. There is no need convincing to take a break and eat even amidst the favorite game. Therefore, you will not wonder why I keep pork chops in my market list and mastered how to cook it. Most importantly, I learned how to reheat pork chops so not to waste any leftovers.

What is the use of leftover pork chops when it only ends up dry and rubbery after reheating? Do you want to know how to reheat pork chops the right way?

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What do Lentils Taste Like? What Should I Expect?

I bet that your priority this year is to focus on your health. Eating the right kind of food is of course on your checklist. No wonder you kept on asking what do lentils taste like. Do you want to try it?

The taste might be different from what you expect, but I highly recommend starting to consider lentils in your diet. The legume is high in protein and fiber content. This is the reason why health-conscious people like you eat it regularly. Do you think lentil would become your family’s favorite?

Let us find out!

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What to Serve With Enchiladas for a Perfect Match?

I cannot deny that Mexican food is always a hit when I have get-together parties at home. Even on food stalls and restaurants, it never gets behind. Have you heard of enchiladas?

One of my favorite Mexican food is the enchiladas. I can fill in the corn tortilla with every ingredient that suits my taste. When I finally roll it, a drizzle of the chili sauce makes it complete.

However, the delicious meal does not end there. What to serve with enchiladas for a perfect match? The following suggestions would surely be a click!

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How to Cook a Thick Steak Like a Steak Master

When it comes to fillets and rib-eyes, too thick is always so much better than too thin. The most excellent tasting steaks go as much as 1 ½ inch thick. Many steak masters even prefer 1 ¾ inch or 2 inch thick steaks. The most common steak thickness is 1 inch. Now you may be wondering how to cook a thick steak.

A 1 ½ inch thick steak is better insulated than a 1-inch thin steak making it easier for you to be precise in so far as doneness is concerned.

Grilled and pan-seared steaks completely taste differently but only have minor distinctions in so far as cooking technique is concerned.

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Ziti vs. Penne: Do You Know the Big Difference?

I am not surprised finding plenty of different kinds of pasta all around. Being a comfort food, it should be a familiar dish for every home. I am sure you have your own preference for pasta and you should be able to identify each type.

In ziti vs. penne, what is the big difference? Comparing these two kinds of pasta will unravel the facts not only the truth in between, but also for the rest of all the pasta types. See how one will outshine the other!

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How Long to Boil Hotdogs for Best Results?

Hotdogs are not just a favorite food for the summer when you take advantage of the sunny weather and grill some hotdogs outdoors. Especially when you have children, hotdogs are a year-round foodstuff at home. I know that their health benefits are questionable; but the reality is hotdogs is a hit everywhere, anytime.

Boiling your hotdogs first is a way to prepare them for cooking later. It cooks the hotdogs inside so that you can grill or sauté them faster later. However, how long do you need to boil hotdogs?

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