7 Best Undermount Kitchen Sink – Spice Up Your Kitchen Space

We have all thought about remodeling or redesigning parts of our home during this pandemic. And even discovered our long-lost love for cooking. And this has obviously led most of the people to work on their kitchen décor. And we are here to help you get the best undermount kitchen sink right away!

Why? Because a kitchen sink is one of the most important kitchen accessories you can bet your money on. It is going to be a one-time investment for most of us. And it is quite reasonable to think so because it practically is! Unless you absolutely love cooking and spend most of the time in the kitchen.

One of the wisest choices you can make is investing in an under-mount kitchen sink. That is probably because the under-mount kitchen sinks are widely appreciated due to their usefulness, durability, seamlessness, and stylish appearance.

The top mount kitchen sinks are a thing of the past indeed!

You have got to stick by your kitchen sink just like you have got to stick by your words. Disclaimer: If you love working on your kitchen interior every few years, our list will still be a blessing! These sinks are designed to last for a lifetime.

Best Undermount Kitchen Sink – Buying Guide

An undermount kitchen sink can turn out to be one of the most profitable investments you can make for your kitchen. And your daily kitchen routine and requirements will greatly help you decide. Doesn’t that sound pretty generalized?

Let us help you be more specific with your choice so that you get the best undermount kitchen sink to do your thing

  • Kitchen Counter Material

The kind of kitchen counter material you opt for will influence your decision. As the undermount kitchen sink starts from the very edges. Even with the right faucet and careful utensil handling, water spilling can easily occur.

Waterproof countertops will make a great choice for owners with under-mount sinks. Granite and quartz countertops specific sinks are also widely available.

  • Faucet Placement

The faucets of the sink are going to be mounted on the wall behind the undermount sink. For this reason, you need to make sure you leave adequate space between.

You also need to install the faucet according to the depth and dimension of your undermount sink.

  • Depth and Dimension

Dimensions will go a long way in helping you decide the exact under-mount sink you are looking for. The dimensions are highly dependent on the accommodated space that your countertop offers.

Depth on the other hand is an independent decision. More depth will offer more space for work. It can surely affect your cabinet space as in the case of farmhouse sinks.

However, the right faucet placement will be dependent on the depth of your undermount sink.

  • The Number of Bowls

If you love multi-tasking in the kitchen then you will absolutely go for a double-bowl under-mount sink. The division makes the sink all the more organized.

With a single-bowl sink, you will use up space on the counter. And you obviously know how messy that can get!

You can easily find suitable kitchen sink proportions. The standard sink has a 50/50 distribution. Another popular choice nowadays is the 70/30 proportion. Cook and clean as you like!

Triple-bowl kitchen sinks are usually a professional choice. However, single-bowl kitchen sinks are a budget-friendly choice.

  • Sound Insulation

The best undermount kitchen sinks are uniquely designed to reduce the clutter in your kitchen. This clattering noise can ruin the vibe after a tiring day of work. And this especially happens if you own a stainless-steel sink. But with properly insulated materials used in the sink, the clatter can be significantly reduced.

Rubber sheets, mass loaded vinyl, sound deadening mats, and rubberized undercoating spray help reduce clutter greatly.

  • Maintenance

Your kitchen sink will last a lifetime if it is easy to maintain. The cleaning process should not seem like work to you and should be effortless. Therefore, choose the construction material accordingly.

Stainless-steel and granite sinks are strong, scratch-resistant, and easy to maintain.

  • Construction Material

If you want long-lasting kitchen sinks then you need to make sure you invest in suitable construction material. The best undermount kitchen sinks are stainless steel ones because they are:

  1. Scratch-resistant
  2. Polished
  3. Rust-resistant
  4. Heat-resistant
  5. Dent-resistant
  6. Dirt-resistant
  • Design

The interior of your kitchen will make you choose an undermount kitchen sink accordingly. You obviously want all possible kitchen accessories, tools, and equipment to complement your décor. And that too for a long period.

The whole kitchen should look complete and set the mood.

  • Budget

There is an undermount sink for every pocket and every budget. So, don’t panic! And don’t spend extra unless you get something pretty exceptional. You get really good deals online and offline during occasional sales.

Granite sinks are more expensive in comparison to stainless-steel sinks.

If you want a custom-made sink to match your kitchen décor then you are surely looking for the granite undermount kitchen sink.

Even the best stainless-steel kitchen sink will clatter. So, skip on sound insulation ones as they will cost more.

Now that you have a general idea about how to get the best undermount kitchen sink for your countertop. Here is our list that will help you get the best in the market currently.

Best Undermount Kitchen Sink Reviews

  1. KRAUS 30-Inch Stainless Steel Undermount Kitchen Sink

best undermount kitchen sinks

If getting a statement sink is your priority then the KRAUS 30-Inch Stainless Steel Undermount Kitchen Sink is made for your kitchen.

As a part of the Kore Workstation Series, this undermount sink has been influenced by professional kitchen requirements.

Make your ordinary kitchen extraordinary with the KRAUS Stainless Steel Sink.

Features and Details

  • Dimensions

The KRAUS under-mount sink makes a perfect fit for a minimum cabinet size of 33-inch. With a 10-inch length and a 19-inch width, the undermount sink space provides room for a wide range of utensils.

  • Spacious Single-Bowl

All high-end kitchen sinks are usually single-bowl. The KRAUS’ spacious undermount sink offers you enough workspace to do your thing. Now you can wash your cookware and bake sheets for your loved ones with great ease.

  • Heavy-Duty Steel

KRAUS comes with a 16-gauge heavy-duty stainless steel that is one of the strongest and thickest. You will barely come across any dents or corrosion. The sink is super durable and super easy to maintain. As the undermount sink comes with a premium quality stainless steel finish. You won’t see a dull sink for years! The bottom grid of the sink is also highly durable.

  • Workstation Sink with Accessories

The KRAUS under-mount sink is the perfect workstation sink. You can slide in the given accessories as per your cooking needs. You also get unique accessories like:

  1. Roll-Up Drying Rack
  2. Bamboo Cutting Board
  3. Dish Grid
  4. Drain Cover
  5. Strainer
  • Smart Design

KRAUS provides customer-friendly products that are uniquely designed for a satisfactory customer experience. You can easily do your work standing right over. The sink will surely complement your home décor.

  • Soundproof

If excessive clutter gets to your nerves then this KRAUS sink is meant to deliver! The under-mount sink comes packed with thick pads. The noise and vibration will easily be absorbed by the thick coating underneath the kitchen sink.

  • Ease in Drainage

Don’t like water pulling up in the sink. With KRAUS’s offset drainage system you don’t have to worry about this thing at all. The under-mount sink comes with a gently sloped bottom for this reason. Channel grooves are also of great help in this case.

  • Lifetime Warranty

Nothing can be more appealing than a lifetime limited warranty. And the Kraus 30-inch stainless steel undermount sink comes with one.


Best undermount kitchen sinks for granite countertops

  1. Kraus Forteza Granite Kitchen Sink

best undermount kitchen sinks

Make your kitchen look luxurious with the installation of the Kraus Forteza Granite Kitchen Sink. It is not just solid looking but solid in a real sense. It is one of the best undermount kitchen sinks for a granite countertop.

Style your kitchen right with Kraus Forteza!

Features and Details

  • High-End Construction

The Kraus Forteza sink is phenomenal due to its amazing heat-resistance. The sink is heat-resistant up to 650 degrees Fahrenheit. Wow! The composite granite sink can manage a slight thermal shock impact really well.

  • Easy Maintenance

The under-mount sink doesn’t make cleaning look like a tedious job. The corners are also super easy to clean. The granite sink can be wiped with ease. And it is stain-resistant. So, you don’t have to worry about the grime or the dirt

  • Depth and Dimensions

The sink has a 33-inch length, a 22-inch width, and a ¾-inch depth to offer you enough space to multi-task. A minimum of 36-inch size cabinet will be required for a perfect fit.

  • Deep Double Bowl

Now you can accommodate the largest kitchen wear with ease even in this 9-inch deep double-bowl under-mount sink. Thanks to the Kraus sink that comes with a low designed center divider.

  • Naturally Hygienic

Keep germs at bay with the silver ions enriched composite granite material used in the undermount sink. And always stay healthy and at your best.

  • Sound Absorbing

Useless clutter and vibrations won’t annoy your ears any longer. As the Kraus Forteza Granite Kitchen Sink comes with a specially engineered stone-like solid material.

  • Fade-Proof Color

The rich and attractive color of the granite is here to stay! With UV protection you won’t come across a discolored or faded sink ever! Keep your kitchen spick and span always.

  • Easy Drainage

The rear-drainage engineered design helps to prevent water from stagnating in the sink. The under-mount sink is also gently sloped for this reason.

  • Dual-Mount Sink

You can choose to top mount or under mount the Kraus Fortez Granite Sink as per your kitchen requirements. The granite sink looks lit with any countertop set. Most people undermount this sink for a seamless experience. But you also have an additional option to top-mount.

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Most of the Kraus products come with a lifetime limited warranty and top-notch customer service. So, you can enjoy cooking new and innovative dishes for your family and friends.


Best undermount kitchen sinks for quartz countertops

  1. Ruvati 16-Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

best undermount kitchen sinks

Good news for all the owners who have a quartz countertop! The Ruvati 16-Gauge Stainless Steel is the best undermount kitchen sink for quartz countertop. The steel sink can also be used with other kitchen countertops.

Expect nothing but premium with Ruvati!

Features and Details

  • T-304 Grade Stainless Steel

No other can match like the Ruvati 16-Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink. The premium quality steel used in the sink won’t ever rust or stain. So, you can have a gala time in your kitchen for years.

  • Highly Sound Resistant

Stop unnecessary clutter while handling the undermount sink with Ruvati. The Ruvati under-mount sink comes with a sound guard undercoating to prevent noise. You also get a thick rubber coating with the sink to help reduce any excessive condensation.

  • Commercial Grade Finish

Want your sink to perfectly match your kitchenware? Then buy the Ruvati under-mount sink that comes with a premium brushed finish. Say goodbye to scratches forever! And keep your kitchen clean and classy altogether.

  • Depth and Dimensions

With a wide exterior and interior of 32” into 19” and 30 ½” into 16” front-and-back respectively, the sink is quite spacious. The 10” depth also makes such a plus.

  • Perfect Drain Grooves

You get a sloped bottom with the Ruvati under-mount kitchen sink. The sloped bottom helps prevent unnecessary water splashes and ensures effortless drainage. The undermount kitchen sink also comes with four drain grooves that offer proper cleaning and drying.

  • Built-In Ledges

The perfectly positioned built-in ledges offered in the Ruvati under-mount kitchen sink provide adequate placement to hardwood boards. You won’t have to worry about any cracks due to even positioning of weight. And your hardwood board will always look like new.

  • Workstation Sink

Multi-task like a pro with the Ruvati workstation sink. The undermount kitchen sink comes with an exclusive single-tier track. The track is multifunctional and compatible with several other additional accessories.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Kitchen items can easily get damaged due to routine wear and tear. But sit back and relax as the Ruvati Workstation Stainless Steel Sink comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  1. Elkay Crosstown 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Undermount Sink

best undermount kitchen sinks

Getting a contemporary kitchen at a value for money price is no longer a dream. The Elkay Crosstown Stainless Steel Undermount Kitchen Sink is made with top-notch quality in mind. This innovative kitchen sink is a perfect trend-setter.

One of the best undermount kitchen sink for quartz countertop.

Features and Details

  • T-304 Grade Stainless Steel

If durability is what you are looking for in a kitchen sink, then the Elkay Crosstown sink will surely impress you. The premium-grade 16-gauge stainless steel used during construction helps achieve immensely satisfying results.

  • Single-Bowl

The spacious single-bowl undermount kitchen sink helps you wash and clean simultaneously without unnecessary interruptions. You can do numerous tasks related to washing, drying, and cooking in the Elkay Crosstown stainless-steel kitchen sink.

  • Sound Guard

You can enjoy your cooking and cleaning peacefully after a hard day. As the Elkay Crosstown under-mount kitchen sink comes with pre-installed pads and undercoating. The sound pads offer great results!

  • Dimensions

The under-mount sink comes with a 10” depth for better space and use. The dimensions of the Elkay Crosstown stainless steel undermount sink are 32 ½  into 18” into 10”.

  • Drainage:

The Elkay Crossover stainless steel unmounted kitchen sink comes with center drainage set up for the best results. This prevents the water from standing as the water drains super fast.

  • Highly Resistant

The best feature of the Elkay Crossover sink is that it is scratch, dust, corrosion, and dent resistance. You can use the undermount sink in all types of situations with ease without having to worry about any offsets.


  1. BLANCO SILGRANIT Undermount Kitchen Sink

best undermount kitchen sinks

BLANCO believes in innovation and it is surely visible in all its products. The premium quality used in the SILIGRANIT Undermount Kitchen will speak for itself. If you are looking for a sink that is both stylish and durable then BLANCO will exceed your expectations.

One of the best undermount kitchen sinks for granite countertops.

Get ready to fall short of expectations with BLANCO!

Features and Details

  • Depth and Dimensions

BLANCO offers enough space in terms of sink and bowl dimensions. You get a 30” L × 18” W in case of the sink. And a 28” L × 48” W in terms of the bowl. BLANCO also offers a spacious 9.5” bowl depth. If you are looking for the perfect fit then go for a 33” cabinet.

  • Smooth Surface

You won’t come across a smoother surface than the one offered in the BLANCO SILIGRANIT Undermount Kitchen Sink very often. The sink feels like a premium natural stone on the skin. You can get rid of dirt and grime without much effort.

  • Heat Resistant

What makes the BLANCO SILIGRANIT under-mount sink even more interesting is its capability to resist heat. The under-mount sink is made to endure extreme temperature fluctuations. Now wash your kitchenware without worrying about the temperature as the sink can endure temperatures up to 536 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s more than the average baking temperature.

  • Scratch Resistant

Even the sharpest fork and knife won’t leave a scratch. Don’t try too hard on purpose because it might. Such is the advanced technology with which the BLANCO SILIGRANIT sink has been designed. Chip and stains won’t worry you either.

  • Stain Resistant

SILIGRANIT material is highly stained resistant and easy to clean. So, experiment with different dishes without having to worry about stains.

  • Highly Durable

With a unique angular shaping, the BLANCO under-mount kitchen sink offers a strong and durable performance. Your everyday tasks are made easier. Thanks to the low maintenance offered by SILIGRANIT.


  1. Giantex Single Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink

best undermount kitchen sinks

The strong and sturdy single bowl undermount kitchen sink from Giantex is a sure shot value for money choice. The high-quality stainless steel is also big and deep. Now you can wash your kitchenware with ease. You definitely would not regret purchasing from Giantex.

Features and Details

  • Highly Durable

The impressive kitchen under-mount sink comes with a premium quality stainless steel construction. The 16-gauge thickness is also commendable as the under-mount sink will show no results of corrosion. The brushed finished undermount kitchen sink would not strain or scratch ever. The UPA certification offered by Giantex also makes its sink bang for the buck!

  • Large Capacity

Giantex comes with a 9” deep bowl. The deep bowl offers the owner adequate space to get things done. Be it cooking, cleaning, or washing in the under-mount kitchen sink. Your largest size kitchenware and cutlery will always look extra clean. You will also have more free space available on your countertop.

  • Sound Absorbing

As the Giantex under-mount kitchen sink comes packed with thick EVA mats. You can expect a reduction in unnecessary clutter caused during washing. The anti-condensation coating also acts as a cherry on the top as you would not have to worry about your cabinet getting damaged due to it.

  • Standard Drainage System

Giantex offers a smooth and efficient 3.5” rear drainage system. This is one of the most common drainage set up. The garbage disposal system also accepts this standard drainage requirement easily.

  • Easy Maintenance

Food residues are a mess and make the sink stink excessively. But with the curved R-corner design offered by Giantex makes it easy for the user to always keep the undermount kitchen sink clean. Making it one of the best undermount kitchen sinks for a granite countertop.


  1. MENSARJOR 17” x 19” Single Bowl Nano Undermount Kitchen Sink

best undermount kitchen sinks

A multi-purpose nano kitchen sink like MENSARJOR is surely going to be the heart of your kitchen as well as your bar. MENSARRJOR stainless steel undermount kitchen sink is one of the bestsellers in such a nominal price range.

  • Nano Sink

You can experience the newness of this unique kitchen sink from day one. MENSARJOR uses nano-coating technology. This coating technology reduces daily wear and tear to offer you a seamless experience. The bionic nano cutting also helps the sink stay at bay from rust. Dust and fingerprint marks won’t be a cause of concern either.

  • T304 Stainless Steel

The 16-gauge powerful T304 grade stainless steel makes MENSARJOR compete with high-end kitchenware brands pretty easily. Making it a heavy-duty sink in all aspects.

  • High Wear Resistance

Although the MENSARJOR under-mount kitchen sink looks super small, its performance is really big. The stainless-steel sink is super extraordinary in itself. You can rely on this undermount sink’s exceptional physical stability any day.

  • Efficient Drainage System

MENSARJOR understands that people like quick results. And for this reason, this undermount kitchen sink comes with sloped base channels. You get quick draining and drying so that you can get timely results if you have invited guests over.

The undermount kitchen sink comes with a 3.5” rear drain. The rear drain makes it universally compatible with most of the garbage disposal systems.

  • Suitable Capacity

You can easily store your kitchen cutlery in the MENSARJOR stainless steel undermount kitchen sink. As the kitchen sink comes with a remarkable 10” deep bowl capacity for its size.

  • Sound Reduction Technology

MENSARJOR also offers high-end sound reduction technology so that your ears rest while your hands are working. The rubber padding provided in its under-mount kitchen sink is also very high-end for the price. So, cook with perfection always.

  • Lotus Leaf Bionic Technology

MENSARJOR believes in innovation and that can be proved with several powerful technologies it uses in its product. Just like the Lotus Leaf Bionic technology used in its stainless-steel sinks. For this reason, the under-mount kitchen sink from MENSARJOR can bear the strongest stains. And that is quite impressive!

We have included top brands like KRAUS, Ruvati, ELKAY, BLANCO, MENSAJOR as well as a less know but sturdy brand like Giantex. The price range of all the brands offered is also quite genuine and not over the top.

We hope our list of best undermount kitchen sinks will help you make the right decision for your kitchen. In fact, we surely believe our list will guide you towards the right purchase.

Your dream kitchen is going to look complete with this one addition.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best undermount stainless steel kitchen sink?

KRAUS Stainless Steel Undermount Kitchen Sink will be a top-notch choice. The 30-inch stainless steel kitchen sink that comes as a single-bowl sink is an absolute stunner. You get a spacious single bowl that can fit different sizes of your kitchenware mostly. The under-mount sink has also been smartly designed. It is also one of the best Workstation sinks available in the market currently.  And that too with a genuine lifetime limited warranty.

  1. What is the best brand of kitchen sink to buy?

KRAUS is a genuine brand that offers high quality and exceptional kitchen sinks, kitchen faucets, and other kitchen accessories. They have a wide range of kitchen sinks and workstation sinks. The brand also offers great deals timely. Most of KRAUS’s products are and top-rated. This makes KRAUS a suitable choice for every kitchen. KRAUS also has its own line of bathroom products which is also pretty successful.

  1. What makes the best undermount kitchen sink?

The best undermount kitchen sink is the one that will fit your countertop and cabinet requirements perfectly. The material and style of construction will also be high-end in case of the best undermount kitchen sink. The sink will be highly durable. It will be able to resist the damage caused due to high temperatures, stains, scratches, dust, grime, and more. The sink’s capability will match its looks. The under-mount sink will also be noise resistant to offer you a comforting experience in the kitchen. Although size will vary performance will not. The under-mount sink will also offer lots of necessary space for work. The installation of the undermount kitchen sink will also be super easy!

  1. What is the most durable kitchen sink?

Kitchen sinks come packed with various advanced technologies today. And kitchen décor has taken up a lot of space on our to-do lists. Thanks to the pandemic! With several unique designs and types, the stainless-steel sinks are still on top. And they are here to stay! That is because stainless steel sinks offer more utility and are sturdier. They also come with heavy-duty steel and are resistant to heat, scratches, stains, dust, corrosion depending upon the price you spend. Even less popular brands offer good quality stainless steel sinks. Whatever countertop you own, a stainless-steel kitchen sink will surely work fine. They manage to look classy and stylish always. However, a secondary priority can be given to granite composite sinks.