Top 10 Best Countertop Dishwasher 2023 – Complete Guide

A regular dishwasher makes everyday housekeeping for many families certainly much more comfortable and quicker. And you may have probably gotten to know or heard from other people about the best countertop dishwashers.

You’ll profit from energy and water-efficient device if you spend on one of the most exceptional dishwasher countertop designs we have mainly gathered and reviewed for you. And if you still don’t have room for a dishwasher, this is your answer to that.

They are much smaller compared to the regular ones, so these dishwashers take fewer dishes at once. Nevertheless, tiny homes, they’re simple to connect and are perfect.

There are countless reasons to continue reading and before making your purchase today. However, ensure that this portable device achieves the most significant results by investing in a machine that has appropriate and compelling qualities. That includes providing you with various washing cycles, sufficient space to wash the number of places you usually need, and an excellent warranty for long-term satisfaction.

Probably the main component would be to ensure your kitchen configuration fits the weight and size of your countertop dishwasher.

The Best Portable Dishwashers That Can Fit in Any Kitchen

1. Whynter CDW-6831WES (Rating: 4.6/5.0)

Whynter CDW-6831WES Energy Star 6 place setting LED


This is one of the best portable dishwasher countertop solutions that use buttons rather than a touchscreen design. This makes it much easier to know when you have already pushed (which customers love) the correct buttons. You only have to keep the gaps clean to ensure that you have an environmentally friendly kitchen.

The brand is manufactured using durable stainless steel with a focus on quality as a spray arm. Stay-at-home parents would likely be delighted with the baby care process, which they could utilize in washing childcare products, ensuring they are clean and free from damage.

This process even operates very efficiently to clean other products like glasses, so this is a very convenient device, regardless of the family setting. The best thing about this dishwasher is its capacity to operate without noise; so, practicality is given priority to the brand. You can have your items dried before opening the door, but a 45-minute cycle that overrides the drying function will be a handy choice if you are in a hurry

Just as compelling is the 1 to a 24-hour timer. This is one of the lighter models, which makes moving around easier. This is helpful when you do not have to bring it in the storage regularly, or when you set up your RV camping and you use this as your cleaning option.

  • Six place setting capacity
  • Six wash cycles (Speed, ECO, Glass, Baby Care, Heavy, Normal)
  • Stainless steel spray arm and interior for long-term durability
  • Timer-start function enables convenience and optimal versatility
  • Easily connects to the kitchen faucet without the need for a permanent hookup or direct plumbing
  • User-friendly controls
  • Automatic rinse agent dispenser
  • Automatic detergent dispenser
  • Grime may accumulate at the buttons


2. Ivation Portable Dishwasher (Rating: 4.6/5.0)

vation Portable Dishwasher


Keep in mind that this is the heaviest dishwasher included in this review, but you will most likely be surprised by its usability and effectiveness. It is simple to locate the ideal setting of the six cycles available through the touch button controls.

There is a setting for rinsing things, so you don’t have to waste water or energy in the entire washing cycle. It has no separate drying configuration— this is part of the standard sequences. If you have a standard faucet configuration, this one can take only roughly three minutes to connect. Therefore, it is user-friendly.

Many consumers remark on how quiet this dishwasher model operates. Only when the water is flowing in or out that you hear sounds. And yes, it thoroughly cleanses, so it’s absolutely worth your every penny. Because this is so dense, if you intend to place it on the ground, you may want to spend in a moving cart. Sadly, this raises your expenditures on an already costly unit. Is it valuable? You’re not going to regret it for supreme cleaning or stylish looks. Even servicing is simple: the filters need to be cleaned occasionally through rinsing.

  • Convenient to use. The unit connects to the sink temporarily through a faucet adapter to bring full-sized power in a portable package.
  • Compact design, which gives the equipment enough space
  • User-friendly controls
  • Heavy-duty
  • Low-maintenance
  • Stylish
  • Works quietly
  • Expensive


3. EdgeStar DWP62SV (Rating: 4.4/5.0)


This company examined almost every aspect, which is essential to the modern customer. This is why it is one of the best choices in this list. For nearly every washing situation, this is a problem solver as it is a great device that can hold six positions. Even for prominent families, this is practical.

Efficacy is, of course, what it is worth and that is not even disappointing: it cleans appropriately, so you no longer have to clean the products you just placed in your washer.

It even looks impressive and will not ruin the esthetics if it is added to your kitchen. The silver color is elegant and makes you swap the display room. Some people consider it a more effective use of a place than a microwave oven, so even if you believe you have no room accessible, this one is worth considering.

If your most significant problem is cleaning dishes, that is a way to invest. Users can use the one-touch buttons to handle the device easily. Even the structure is simple to wash because only wiping is required: no buttons render it challenging to maintain hygienically.

  • A large-sized model that can hold plates with a diameter of up to 10.5”
  • Water-efficient
  • Energy saving
  • Stylish exterior
  • Stainless interior
  • Beautiful digital display
  • Expensive


4. SPT Countertop Dishwasher SD-2201W (Rating: 3.9/5.0)

SPT SD-2225DW Compact Countertop Dishwasher


This white countertop laundry recalls traditional ones but works in an ultra-modern way that allows you to choose from various washing cycles. Choose one flashlight if you want less filthy products to save water and energy. It even contains a remaining heat drying system, so after a cycle, you don’t have to wait until the goods dry.

If there is restricted room in your kitchen, it can be cumbersome to keep the gate open for drying products. Modern checks that are simple to use and comprehend are present on the white surface. Note that the impacts of your water pressure must be monitored when installed.

Because of the incorrect stress, the side / detached sprayer may spill. If this creates an issue, you can install a clear waterway. One problem is that it is not always easy to link with all faucets— if you have a pull-down sprayer sink, you may need a go to your local electronics shop to find the right adapters. Satisfied consumers find that the rack is not intended for tiny cups and not big cups, which specific households prefer. The design is the dynamic one.

Some customers claim that it is not the most excellent cleaner for highly filthy dishes but generally solves this by merely rinsing your dishes before they are placed in. This prevents obstruction as well, so it isn’t a waste of time.

  • High durability because of the stainless steel spray arm and interior
  • Has a capacity of up to 6 standard place settings
  • Includes a faucet adapter
  • Controls are user-friendly
  • Automatic rinse agent dispenser and detergent dispenser
  • Has 6 wash cycles namely light, normal, heavy, soak, speed, and glass
  • Installation procedures can be challenging
  • Problem with water pressure


5. BLACK+DECKER BCD6W (Rating: 3.9/5.0)

BLACK+DECKER BCD6W Compact Countertop Dishwasher


Black & Decker is a trustworthy brand because its developers believe in most of what customers might need. It is not distinct here, and one would see why many consider it one of the best mobile countertop dishwasher choices on the market: There is a child lock function, which makes it ideal for homes with young children.

You wouldn’t want to open any of them while piping warm air indoors. You will enjoy the Energy Star Certification and also the Ecosystem, as recycling is at the top of their list of priorities.

And appreciate the ultimate in family adaptation: set your time to clean dishes in the next 24 hours. Once you get back or wake up, it will be prepared, so moist products will not grow smells for far too long if left inside.

At times, when everyone takes a shower, you will also discourage the use of water. The shortest time it takes is also 100 minutes, far less than some contemporary machines, which usually take two or more hours on longer cycles. This is not the cheapest unit, but the appealing specification and easy-to-use LED display will undoubtedly value it. Instead of a black and white two-toned layout, some people may prefer a slimmer design.

  • Has a capacity of up to 6 place settings
  • Can accommodate up to 10” dinner plates
  • Electronic touch controls in LED display
  • Has up to 24-hour delayed start option
  • Child lock
  • Has 7 wash cycles namely rapid, soak, intensive, normal, 90 minutes, glass, and eco
  • Slightly expensive
  • The black and white design is not so much preferred by many


Qualities of the Best Countertop Dishwasher

Best Countertop Dishwasher

With various dishwasher models available in the market, it can be difficult to choose the best one. Below are qualities or features you should look for in a dishwasher that will help you in your selection

Reasonable Cost

Each advertising feature and level of technology, with a wide variety of dishwashers, implies its rates also differ significantly. It can create budgeting hard. Budget dishwashing machines, for instance, typically price $250-$600 while superior dishwashers price up to $2,200.

Cheaper dishwashers are relatively normal, and instead of their glamorous layout or infinite functions are purchased for their fundamental feature. They are great when you are on a cost and need no additional features that are just comfortable.

However, you do not want to drop under a pit to spend thousands of bucks on a very simple dishwasher, as you could purchase a portion of the cost. It’s very simple.  To prevent this, the dishwasher must be carefully examined before undertaking to purchase the product description.

When the cost is large, and there appear to be no unique characteristics that stand out, you could not make a difference, and a comparable model could likely be found for a lot less. Price comparison pages are also a nice manner of evaluating products, and this function is available on your page by many respected distributors.


One of the many factors is dishwashing is because it’s so easy. It is understandable that we are trying to locate a dishwasher with the most comfortable checks and characteristics in order to prevent us from getting to clean our dish by the side.

One of the popular characteristics of the dishwasher is the adaptive shelves which enable customers to carry additional dishes and can adapt them to suit the particular kinds of dish they have rather than restricting it to their normal design.

Clear Panel Control

The control panel constitutes an essential part of the dishwasher, and you can not use the device otherwise. You activate the device, begin the device, and alter the process and its configurations.

Many advanced, high-end dishwashers are supplied with contact panels. While this can add to the sophisticated, contemporary look, it may be uncomfortable, and certain clients say that the touchscreen is much easier to break than the physical keys.

In any case, these mechanisms must be clearly identified so as to make the device as easy as possible to use and many machines have a clear timer, so you know how long the cycle remains, or so you can continue the process at a certain point. Moreover, more checks are made on the performance of a dishwasher often.

A Washing Cycle 

Every day you won’t wash the same stuff, and you want to take care of the vaults and items that you put on your dishwasher. High-end designs will allow you to adjust the time, energy, and temperature configurations to your requirements. If you understand that your dishes just need a fast rinse, you can choose to clean quickly and save money and time, and energy.

Modern devices might require more time than your machines a few years earlier because they are using less power. Be ready for periods generally shorter than one hour. The 100-minute period of the Black & Decker might seem lengthy. However, it is really spectacular. And the 45-minute of Whynter is a practical option, but know that your dishes will not be as clean or dry as it is with longer cycles.

Some believe it is unnecessary to rinse dishes before they are put in the dishwasher because the average water consumption is expected to reach 6,000 gallons annually. But that is because the water always runs down the drain.

Before your actual cycle, a rinse cycle will run in your dishwasher, which will prevent the dishes from sticking to the plates when you have left the dishes throughout the day. Although the rinse cycle has many benefits, it is needed if your dishes are especially dirty or if it is kept in the equipment for long periods.

Countertop Dishwasher

A Dryer

Dishwashers are fantastic for saving money and energy. After washing the dishes, you could certainly put them in the device for a while after they are cleaned and dried. That’s why many conventional dishwashers have installed “dryers” which, once they have been washed, blast hot air onto plates and dries them easily and quickly so that it doesn’t waste your time and energy.

Place Setting

How many places can your best countertop dishwasher manage? Dishwashers usually hold four or six settings. Align this ability with the number of families you have, but choose a little more if you understand that you have individuals at home often. The larger, the better, but ensure the practical sizes for the accessible room in the case of countertop installations.

Level of Sound

This might not be the main concern for all, but the sound level is essential. You don’t want the dishwasher to interrupt the flow of work, particularly if you place yours in a business setting.

Even at home, the best way is to have a low-noise unit — just think of a tiny apartment with noisy sounds— if you want to watch TV while washing your dishes. No device is going to be idle at all, of course. Only the water flowing in your dishwasher unit and a small part of the engine turning inwards is what you can ask for. An outstanding case of this is the Ivation model.

Delay Feature

There are plenty of purposes to spend in the delay feature of your dishwasher, like the CDW-6831WES on the Whynter. If you understand you’re going to be out somewhere, let the dishes slow down and wash.

This was also so appealing to our experiment team because they could stop the beginning of washing sessions if they realized that power and air use were small in their homes. You can also save on utilities only by using your washing machine during these times when you receive less energy for specific periods.

Overall Dimensions

Basically, measuring the room you have in your kitchen is your first priority. Make sure the space in front of the device is sufficient, as they close most often in the front. Also, create sure it works in well with your screen because if it overlaps too much, it can become volatile.

It is best if you can discover the room next to your pumps, so it’s simpler to attach your new appliance with fewer cables and tubes across your kitchen. If this is your concern, a smaller device which suits a tiny nook might have a stronger cash price than a more significant system for which your workspace has to be sacrificed.

Here is a video that shows how to measure your countertop for a dishwasher installation:


This is important for two purposes: can you manage the weight of your new countertop dishwasher in your cabinet? Over time, you don’t want it to begin to fall down, break down, or split. You can also succeed in installing it yourself. During installation, a lamp system is easier to use.

Of course, a more significant device generally weighs more, so before you begin shopping, you need to decide what your primary concern is. You can put your washer on a rotating cart beside your rack as a useful option so that you can shift it quickly if needed.


Opt for a dishwasher with a more extended warranty— it shows the durability of an item. Just understand that you will realize how soon your device will last. If the dishes are not rinsed and often overloaded, they will be stuck, damaged or worn. Components are not. This cannot be covered by your warranty, so use it with attention from the beginning.

As you can see, over one year warranty is standard in most devices. You can also appreciate its advantages for a lot more if you look after your countertop dishwasher and spend in a piece of high-end equipment. Please note that warranties are often only applicable in specific ways.


You can even find a way to find a remedy if you shopping for a very particular priorities roster like storing a little money. But if that is not as important, get the Edgestar model for yourself. It is flexible and in many respects impressive, so for nearly every family, it’s a success. Some of the benefits are excellent appearances and energy-saving capacities.

From Whynter, you’ll get a fantastic design all-round. It is also a very convenient model and is helpful for baby care. It is great when products meet particular requirements because it ensures fulfillment.

While your primary concern is the sound level, the Ivation model will impress you and it will be a bonus in such a short time. For those customers who value as little fun as feasible, this is a user-friendly buy. Choosing the most exceptional dishwasher to suit your needs will revolutionize your life.

Check the list below and take a look at more portable dishwashers: