A Beginners Guide on Healthy Cooking for Kids

For some people, cooking is a difficult thing to do. However, for some people, cooking can be a good hobby. If you are interested in cooking, while you don’t know how to get started, you can learn through the internet.

However, cooking is not just cooking because you also have to cook food that is not only delicious but also healthy for kids. If you want your child’s life to be healthier, then you should be able to make healthy cooking for kids. It all depends on the material you are using. In this post,  we want to share with you how to cook healthy meals for kids.

Use The Right Cookware

If you want to learn cooking because you are a beginner, then you have to prepare everything. it starts from the selection of cooking utensils as well as cookware. Even if you use healthy ingredients, that doesn’t mean the meals will be healthy. Your cookware can also influence the quality of your food. If you choose bad cookware, then it can make the meal unhealthy.

For instance, you should not use Teflon Cookware because it contains PFOA and PTFE that can cause cancer. This is certainly not a healthy cookware product for cooking, especially if you want to serve the meals for your kids. So, what cookware should you choose? You should look for healthy cookware options like ceramic or stainless steel cookware. You may use aluminum cookware for cooking for cheap.

Use Healthy Ingredients

In addition to healthy cookware, you also have to consider the healthy ingredients. A portion of healthy food is made from healthy ingredients. You may choose natural ingredients to avoid hazardous chemicals. Healthy ingredients that you can use include fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, natural herbs, spices, and much more.

Meanwhile, when you cook, you also don’t need to add preservatives to your cooking because preservatives are also harmful to the human body. You may add a little MSG for flavoring, but not too much. Besides, when choosing salt, you should also choose healthier iodized salt.

Cook Simple Healthy Foods

For beginners, there are so many simple foods that you can try to cook which are also good for kids. You can use some ingredients in your kitchen, or you can buy some of the ingredients in the market. What kinds of food can you cook? Well, you can consider these following simple healthy foods for practicing.

Egg Macaroni That Is Practical And Filling

The ingredients you need in this simple menu are 1 pack of macaroni, 3 eggs, 50 grams of corned beef. You can add salt and pepper or other spices according to taste.

How to make it quite easy. First, boil macaroni until tender and set aside. Second, beat the eggs and add salt, pepper, corned beef and stir well. Third, pour the macaroni onto the egg and stir until all the ingredients are mixed. Finally, cook the egg macaroni until it turns brown.

Cheesy Mushroom Scramble Egg For Cheese Lovers

This menu is suitable for lovers of eggs and cheese. For this menu, you need two eggs, onions, mozzarella or cheddar cheese, boiled mushrooms, and butter.

First, heat the butter over the pan until it melts. Second, fry the onions on the butter and add the eggs. Third, immediately scramble the eggs until nothing is stuck. Fourth, add the mushrooms and cook the eggs until cooked. Finally, add the cheese and wait for it to melt over the dishes that are tempting the tongue. Once ready, just enjoy it.

Healthy And Nutritious Cream Soup Menu

Cream soup is often a choice because it is easy to make and can warm the body. The content of various nutrients in the cream soup helps smooth the body’s metabolism throughout the day. Unfortunately, cooking cream soup from scratch can take time. Not suitable for those of you who have a myriad of activities in the morning.

Well, you can buy a readily used Cream Soup in the market for those who want a delicious and filling breakfast but don’t have much time. Only just 5 minutes, warm cream soup is ready toon the serve on the table. This Cream Soup is also made with quality ingredients directly from nature without preservatives.

Nutritious Vegetable Dish Lettuce Wrap

This delicious lettuce wrap could be your choice if you do not finish your meat last night. The remaining meat or fish will be a tempting breakfast menu. This recipe requires peanut sauce or gochujang (Korean spicy sauce), fish, chicken, or overnight meat dishes, and lettuce.

It is also easy to make this healthy cooking recipe for kids. First, wash the lettuce thoroughly. Second, place your choice of meat dishes on lettuce. Finally, add the peanut sauce or gochujang. It’s easy? You can enjoy the sensation of meaty with crisp lettuce which certainly makes the tongue tempted.

Overnight Oatmeals For Those On A Diet

Oatmeal may not be the usual menu for Asian people. But, it is not a bad idea to try it. This cuisine has a delicious taste. Oats become the favorite choice of those who want to diet. This dish only requires oatmeal, non-fat milk, and fruit. You can cook this dish the night before. So just eat it when you want to have breakfast.

You only need a big jar or glass for this dish. How to make it easy. First, mix oatmeal with non-fat milk at the same ratio to the jar. Second, keep it in the refrigerator overnight. When you want to serve, add the fruit according to taste. Just enjoy it.

Finally, those are some tips for making healthy cooking for kids. This can be a good choice for those who want to learn to cook. Making healthy cooking recipes for kids is not that difficult as long as you have the ingredient. Meanwhile, you can watch a video tutorial on the internet. Somehow, you also have to practice it so you can do it without reading the recipe. Now, it is your time to become a professional cook in the world.