5 Egg Dishes That Will Enthrall Your Guests

What does the top-most compartment of your fridge contain? An egg tray – that’s how important they are for our lives!

Eggs are among the most versatile foods in the world; they are consumed in breakfast, incorporated in lunch dishes and can be made as a side dish to serve along with the dinner. Boil them to add to curries, scramble them make a delicious breakfast and fry them to be added in rice; it’s as widely-applicable as you can imagine.

Alongside this, their health advantages are enormous. They are rich in proteins and vitamins which is crucial for our bones, mental development, and the immune system, can help reduce risks of heart diseases, contain anti-oxidants that are great for the health of the eye and tend to “fill” you up without causing you to become obese.

Egg dishes are easy to make and can be presented in front of your guests as an undeniable meal. Today I will be discussing the top 5 egg dishes that can be an extremely helpful “menu-lifter”.

1. Boiled egg curry

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This dish is precisely for any time of the day. If you are feeling low on a Sunday morning and need a mood-lifting breakfast or are feeling distressed after an unsuccessful business meeting at lunchtime, or want a protein-rich dinner at the end of the day; it won’t disappoint you.

Simply boil the eggs and keep them in the water pan to be peeled off once the curry is ready. Preparing the type of curry is entirely upon you. I love spicy food more than anything else so I would take onions, tomatoes, ginger and fry them in oil before sprinkling them with spices of my choice.

In this case, it would be red chili powder, turmeric powder, salt, white pepper and oregano with a nice, finishing garnish of spinach or coriander. Now, peel off the prepared eggs, cut them in half or as many pieces as you like and insert them in the bubbling curry.

Make sure to mix the eggs with the curry continuously for a minute with a ladle so that they are partnered well. Serve it with bread, have chapati with it if you are an Asian or Middle-Eastern or spread it over boiled rice for an enriching meal.

2. Jacket potatoes with eggs

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Want to have a mouth-watering snack for a party? Check this dish out. It is prepared simply with baked potatoes and eggs with any stuffing of your desire.

Bake as many potatoes you like and peel them off. Now cut them in half and make a small depression or cavity inside each half. Stuff them with cheese, butter, and sausages. Now crack an egg and put it inside the depression.

Add a sprinkle of your favorite spices and let them bake in a preheated oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes. Take out the jacket potatoes and look if you have achieved the desired state. If it isn’t enough, give it a go for 2-4 more minutes.

The cooking secret for this dish is to keep the egg-yolk half cooked so that the liquid yolk sprouts out when caressed with a fork or spoon. This easy-to-make dish can be tried for several editions like adding bacon in the stuffing or fully cooking the egg-yolk.

3. Egg sandwiches

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I made it for the first time for my children and they loved me for that. Since then, it has become a favorite Sunday breakfast for my entire family. And you would be surprised to read how simple and uncomplicated this dish is.

Whenever you hear about sandwiches, mind swaggers away to paninis and grilled stuffings but it’s nothing like that. The first thing is to boil the eggs. The shell of some eggs is difficult to remove even after boiling so one thing which you can do is to crack them open and put them in egg cookers.

These capsules will hard boil your egg without involving you to peel the shell off afterward. Mince the boiled eggs with the help of a fork or egg smasher and prepare the mixture by adding Chinese salt, pepper, and butter as a bonding agent. Once the mixture is prepared, shift to cutting the edges of the slices.

I do this because my kids hate brown, hard boundaries of the bread slices. Spread the mixture evenly on the slice, add ketchup of the desired amount and shut them with another slice of bread. There you go – Egg sandwiches! Told you it would be simple.

I prefer adding ketchup while I am preparing the mixture because it blends well. If any of your family members doesn’t love ketchup, you can skip it but I highly doubt that someone is not a ketchup fan.

4. Chicken and Brussels sprouts with Sunny side up Eggs

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Cut down pieces of chicken and slices of turkey and saute them in a saucepan with some vegetable or olive oil until they grow golden brown.  Remove them and store them separately.

In the same saucepan, prepare a mixture of Brussels sprouts by first adding salt, pepper, coriander powder, chopped scallion and then Brussels (after the first contents are browned). Add the chicken and turkey to them before cracking the eggs on top of them.

Now, the rest is upon you. Either let the eggs cook as the traditional Suuny side up Eggs or mix them with the rest of the contents.

5. Egg custard

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How can I forget desserts? They terminate a food session on a high.

To prepare egg custard, boil milk and cream in a flat pan. Beat egg yolks with sugar, cream and vanilla extract until it is creamy. Then, add the hot milk to it and stir it well. Strain this mixture through a sieve back on to the saucepan.

Now, constantly stir the mixture on gentle heat till it forms into a custard. Garnish it pleasantly with a cherry or jelly before serving your guests.

So here you are, handsomely equipped with egg dishes knowledge but beware of making them too delicious. Your guests might want to come back really soon! Just kidding.